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Free shipping in Canada on orders $99 or more!
Free shipping in Canada on orders $99 or more!


I didn't grow up with fountain pens but a friend sent me a link to your products and it looked too fun not to try! Your inks are magical and it feels like being a kid again while also feeling sophisticated like an adult when I write. My favourite colour is Bluegrass Velvet teal... I look forward to more of your products! Love all the packaging!

Nicole Chan on Apr 05, 2019

Have been using fountain pens for my writing (mostly work stuff) for over 20 years. Came across Ferris Wheel Press via Kickstarter a few months back. These guys are great - great ink, great value, great service, great passion. Good fountain pens need good ink. Try these inks, you will not be disappointed.

Martin Bill on Apr 14, 2019

I got the original pen from their KS and love it so much, but the new is SO much better. The etching makes all the difference! I must get the M nib to go with my F =)

Mina Kangers on Oct 07, 2019

Excellent prompt customer service. Ferris Wheel Press Staff are very professional and helpful. I just love the overall unique design of this pen. The pen is very elegant and lightweight while being comfortable and balanced when in hand. I would definitely recommend this product to any fountain pen lover. And the fountain pen ink holder is just as pleasing to the eye. Overall good quality, money well invested and splendid design.

Betty Kerr on May, 2020

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