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Nothing Left Notebook

Colour: Coral Soda

For the task-oriented mind, productivity is always a priority and striking tasks off as complete is one of life's greatest joys. Whether you're a student who is trying to stay organized, an entrepreneur building a start-up, a parent with a long grocery list, or all of the above, this list-shaped journal is created for those who thrive on making and checking off to-do lists. Organize, prioritize, and execute all the tasks of your daily routine until your list has nothing left!


    • Ultra-soft cruelty-free vegan leather cover
    • 176 acid-free dot grid pages
    • Ink bleed and feathering resistant
    • Brilliant white paper stock in 100gsm
    • Fountain pen and brush marker friendly
    • Sized 215mm x 105mm

    Once Upon a Design

    A story in every detail. At Ferris Wheel Press, we cherish the bond we have with our studio cats: Pumpkin, Patch, Blacksmith, Corolla, Alero, and Jade, who were all adopted rescue kittens. They have continued to warm our hearts and brighten our days, and we hope they will do the same for you as they make regular appearances in our packaging, ads, and even the hand-illustrated liners in our notebook collection.

    We've also opted for a high quality vegan leather cover, which offers the same soft hand-feel of traditional leather, while being 100% animal cruelty-free, without sacrificing quality.  The soft exterior bends with high malleability, giving you a flexible writing experience at or away from your desk.


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